EFP40 circular flange punching machine

EFP40 circular flange punching machine

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Machine description


Flange forming and cutting  

TFT human machine interface display, Touch screen control, Numerical control, Mold storage memory function

Oil Hydraulic System 

High power circuit design Hydraulic motor 10HP

Working Mold

9 station round screw die

Electronic control system

human machine interface, diameter forming locating wheel, diameter adjustable by location ruler.


circular blade function

Technical Parameter

Mold Function

Adjustable mold

Min diameter of Flange

Φ250mm (30×20)

Max diameter of Flange


Producing thickness

stainless 2-4mm ,carbon steel 3-5mm

Max producing capacity

30*20,30*50, 40*40,50*50 , equilateral, in equilateral flange

working speed




Working Processing 

Feeding- Forming-Rolling-Cutting

Material of main Structure

45# carbon steel, 40CR,SKD11


Red, black, white and etc

Main parts

Reduction box

Taiwan or International famous brand

Electronic control

TAIDA PLC, touch screen

Low Voltage electronic

famous brand

Transmission, bearing

famous brand

Frequency brake motor

 Dongyuan Taiwan

Accessory list

Allen key 1 set    

Adjustable wrench 1pcs

Photoelectric proximity switch 2 sets     

Proximity switch 1pcs 

punch die 1 set

punching head Φ11 long hole,Φ10,Φ12,Φ14      

Wearing part

Photoelectric proximity switch, proximity switch, punch die, shaft sleeve