Automobile Skylight Robot Automatically Without Rivet Riveting Equipment

Automobile Skylight Robot Automatically Without Rivet Riveting Equipment

Robot riveting equipment is for the car sunroof without riveting special equipment; equipment through the servo turntable mechanism to drive parts of the positioning of the workpiece to rivet the sunroof, it controls the turntable angle through the servo set parameters, ABB robot high performance and quality assurance the riveting with high repeatability and high efficiency.
The equipment will improve the production efficiency of 3 times on the base of the original manual riveting way , a single car sunroof riveting time will reduce from the original two minutes to 40s, also put an end to the lack of riveting and other adverse occurrences, different parts riveting point position consistency has also been greatly improved.

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Work process:

1, Placed tooling.: The operator according to the production needs placed the tooling on the # 1 turntable or 2 # turntable, alignment pin hole, after placing smoothly then lock the screw, connect the air plug and power plug.

2, Origin back: The operator open the switches the power supply and the air supply, and change the option switch on the operation box and the robot controller to the automatic state. The device has no alarm and enters to the ready state (HMI running screen status indications can refer to the device status). The turntable initialization on the HMI, the robot program initialization and the robot origin back operation. After the origin is completed, the origin indicator lights up and the origin back is completed.

3, Test run: In order to ensure the safety of equipment operation,  before the automatic operation, you need to test the first riveting corner of the first riveting point to ensure that the current point is normal point. In the specific operation, the operation box and the robot controller are switched in the manual state, put the parts and tight. During the manual status, ratate the turntable to the first riveting angle, operate the robot teaching and use the current tooling ,as the above stated on the first point of proofreading.  After the point is normal, the device changes to the automatic state and returns it.

4, Automatic operation. The device changes to the automatic state. First, place the parts, after the completion to ensure the workpiece indicator light (blue), manually change "quick clip manual" switch, clamping the cylinder one move to complete the workpiece positioning. Press the start button the light is lit, the device starts to run, the turntable in turn rotate four angles, and with the robot to complete the riveting.

5, Processing is completed: Riveting all completed, the turntable and robots are back, after back, release the positioning cylinder , manual removal the workpiece.

When the device alarm will display the alarm on the man-machine interface, it is convenient for the equipment to be maintained. The emergency stop alarm, servo motor failure, robot failure and other alarm must be the robot and turntable initialization and origin, or can not continue to run. Other faults, after the fault contact reset, press the start button to continue running. If you can not continue to run ,after confirming the security, execute robot program initialization,  origin and turntable initialization, restart to produce.





Automobile Skylight Robot


special machine

Gas liquid cylinder model


Plate thickness

0.7mm+0.7mm galvanized plate

Robert model


Pneumatic parts


Oil cylinder maximum output


The minimum pressure rating

4br(If lower, the machine can not run)

Rated the most atmospheric pressure

6br(If high, the machine will broken)

Air source

Dry filtering compressed air

Environment temperature

·         -5℃~40℃non-dewfall

Elevation of temperature

Not over1200mm

Relative humidity

Not over 85%

Special note: compressed air through dry processing, or reduce the service life of the equipment.

Electrical part


Power control box

3 phase 380AV+N+PE

The robot controller power supply

3 phase 380AV+PE

Control source


Power control box


Robot power




Robot and fixed slab weight


Tooling weight

About 80Kg