The sparking plug Assembly testing equipment

The sparking plug Assembly testing equipment

This riveting machine adopts motor with divider, the driver aluminum plate position with high precision, the machine has cold riveting, hot riveting,(nitrogen protection), workpiece automatic flip on laps, automatic clamping ring, gap adjustment, bending plate position adjustment, CCD detect clearance, automatic feeding (good parts/non-conforming material) good product cooling, and other functions. The machine is driven by compressed air equipment, with low energy consumption, low noise, no pollution, with functions of soft in place.

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Process description:

1, the spark plug assembly put spark plug into next position using artificial feeding , according to the cold riveting, hot riveting (nitrogen protection ), the worlpieces overturn automatic up to the ring, automatic compression ring, automatic gap adjustment, bending plate position adjustment, CCD automatically detect clearance, automatic feeding process, complete the spark plug assembly.

2, the spark plug assembly of the machine is 22 / min.

3, the machine adopts cam divider for segmenting precision positioning, to ensure installation accuracy, using inverter control the machine speed.

4, the worktable use 30 (aluminum) turntable.

5, cold riveting use BS08 air liquid cylinders, the pressure relay control cold riveting pressure to ensure accuracy of repression.

6, hot riveting use BS08 air liquid cylinders, pressure control is the same as the cold riveting.Compression ring uses the cylinder.

7, hot riveting heating system uses 50 kw transformer to high current heat, using photoelectric switch to detect heating temperature, control the silicon controlled to change the heating on and off, and also have the nitrogen protection function.

8, hot riveting heating head, using circulating water cooling, but ensure the machine work continuously.

9, hot riveting up and down die adopt insulation treatment, ensure the safety of the operation.

10, washer uses the vibration plate automatic feed.

11 bending plate adopt the automatic position adjustment.

12, gap detection using high pixel CCD image detection.

13, automatic blanking adopts automatic machine robort , equipped with a good product and non-conforming materialfunction.

14, good product conveyor line with fan cooling function.


The main hardware configuration:

1, the pneumatic components adopt imported brand (FESTO, SMIC, etc.)

2, PLC using VIGOR brand.

3, touch screen using EVIEW brand.

4, electrical components using imported brands (omron, and springs, schneider, etc.).

5, moulds EMM company self-control.

6, machined parts our company self-control.

7, gas-liquid quipment is made by our own company.

8, a rotary motor using schneider brand.

9, the CCD camera adopts imported brands (IMI, BASLER, etc.).